CarSwap starts automatic bargain with sellers to avoid bad bids

Written on the 25 June 2018 ( – One of the biggest mobile programs, CarSwap, used for buying, selling, and even tradings cars has recently started a new effort where CarSwap will deal with all lower bids, for the sellers, automatically.

The CarSwap application will parse how near a bid is to the preferred price, and then spur for improved prices and offers. The idea behind this move is to remove the burden on sellers and buyers from the added time it takes to negotiate and respond to lower bids and boost the amount of realistic offers sellers receive.

“We’re excited to be leading innovation in the automotive classifieds industry,” said Tanami Muller, CarSwap CTO.

“Thanks to this special feature, CarSwap users can sell their car on autopilot,” says Cyrus Rafizadeh, CarSwap Co-Founder.

What has also been described as the “Tinder for Cars” due to the way it matches up cars and customers, CarSwap is showing itself to be one of the simplest, quickest, and better ways to buy, sell, and even trade vehicles between both dealerships and even private customers.

Other sites and platforms often times add a fee for car dealerships – up to $48 per for each unqualified inquiry – while CarSwap will automatically remove any offers that are too low or otherwise not worth viewing. This and other prerequisites make sure customers get the best and most qualified offers but will also assure dealerships from paying out due to extra fees.

CarSwap is available for download via both Apple and Google Play app stores.

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