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Here’s what we offer:

  • Intelligent lowball‐filter prevents time‐wasting offers below 90% of your ask price (adjustable),
  • Promotion of your entire inventory to hundreds of thousands of potential customers,
  • CarSwap certified “Best Trade-In Value” Dealer certification,
  • A special dealer account that allows for unlimited vehicles,
  • Direct inventory integration at no additional cost,
  • Direct user communication at no additional cost,
  • Platform support during our business hours,
  • Highlighted listings for better exposure,
  • Dealer dashboard monitoring tool,
  • Extra picture uploads,
  • Other benefits!

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Dealer FAQ

  • What is CarSwap?

CarSwap is like the Tinder for trading cars. It is the first/largest mobile platform for matching users who wish to trade for each other’s vehicles. They are also welcome to buy/sell.

  • How many users do you have?

Tens of thousands of registered users worldwide (primarily USA and AU)

  • How active are the users?

There are thousands of offers made daily (trade offers + buy offers, but mostly trade).

  • How do we add our cars?

We will import your inventory from whatever database it is held in (Auto Manager, Dealer Solutions, Ultimate, EasyCar etc).

  • What results can we expect from CarSwap?

A typical dealer with receives multiple qualified leads a day. A qualified lead is defined as an offer from a registered user that is over 50% of the asking price. Offers below this are automatically rejected by our system. We expect this figure to grow month-over-month as our user base continues to grow rapidly (currently doubling every 2 months on average).

Further, dealers get their brand promotion, unlimited user communication, direct inventory integration, highlighted listings for better exposure, expanded reach, access to the dealer dashboard interface, technical support during business hours, authorised CarSwap Dealer certification, right to cancel with one month notice, and other benefits at no additional cost.

  • How will we receive the leads?

You will receive automatic emails when users swipe to express interest in trading in their vehicle, which includes a combination of their name, number, email, and vehicle info – e.g. “Jack” wishes to trade his (year) (make) (model) valued at (price) for your (year) (make) (model) valued at (price). Please contact him to discuss cash difference and terms of trade!

  • What other dealerships do you have?

We have many mixed vehicle wholesalers as well as branded dealerships including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Lotus, Chrysler, Nissan, Jeep, Mazda, and others pending.

  • How many users can see our cars?

Within the 500mi/km range, the average dealer will have exposure to thousands of users.

  • How far can our cars be seen by users?

Your cars can be seen by up to 2,500 miles or kilometres depending on country. User’s can set their search distance.

  • How long has the app been out?

CarSwap was launched publicaly October 20th, 2016 in both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

  • Can we cancel?

Yes, at any time with one-month notice. The cancellation fee is equal to half the outstanding balance of the contract (calculated as [months remaining] * [fee] * [50%]). However, we’ve never had a dealer ask to leave the platform!

Dont hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions;