Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are under review and will be back online ASAP!

For all users;
-You agree to be of legal age in your jurisdiction to utilise CarSwap
-You acknowledge everything on the CarSwap platform is CarSwap IP
-You are responsible for your use/actions on the CarSwap platform
-You acknowledge that public listing information may be seen by others
-You acknowledge that we have the right to store all account and listing data
-You acknowledge that you will treat other CarSwap users with care and respect
-You acknowledge general fair terms and conditions of CarSwap use
-You agree in that none of CarSwap information (website, app, etc) can be used against us
-You authorise CarSwap to connect you with other vehicle owners in the marketplace
-You authorise CarSwap to represent you in order to find more vehicles for you to buy/sell/swap with
-CarSwap strives to ensure that material on our platform is accurate
-CarSwap is not liable for any incorrect or unapproved use of our platform
-CarSwap material is protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws
-CarSwap activity is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Australia
-CarSwap reserves all legal rights

For dealerships/advertisers;
-Late invoice payments which require manual follow up reminders will bear an additional $20 fee per week
-LED rental cancellations will bear a $100 + 10% booking fee, for replacement/opportunity cost
-Moving LED trailers will bear an additional $75 fee
-Removing LED installations will bear a $500 fee
-Media design pricing varies, please ask

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