LED ShowScreen Rental

The CarSwap LED Trailer automatically generates content and displays your current vehicle inventory with key information (year/make/model/price/etc) using One World LED‘s unparalleled patented “E2V” technology — zero design, zero scheduling, zero management required! No other company can offer this:

Call to Enquire: 040204 9070 (Cyrus)

CarSwap has launched its digital signage virtual showroom solutions dubbed ‘ShowScreen’ as the first and only provider of One World LED’s “E2V Technology” for the automotive industry, and is backed by a best price guarantee.

“OWLED’s E2V Technology is the first and only true turn-key digital signage and virtual showroom solution which allows car dealerships to promote their current vehicle inventory through LED billboards or LCD displays in real-time with absolutely zero content design or scheduling effort — just buy it, turn it on, and it shows your cars with prices.” said Tanami Muller, One World LED’s Full-Stack Engineer.

CarSwap ShowScreens autonomously receive and display current dealer inventory pictures and information by establishing data feeds through their Dealership Management Software (eg EasyCars, AutoManager, AutomotiveLeads, Dealer Solutions, etc) with zero setup or management necessary.