CarSwap Launches Virtual Car Showroom ShowScreens

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CarSwap, the largest mobile platform for vehicle trading, has partnered with One World LED, a leading innovator of digital visualisation and virtualisation technology, as its exclusive source for digital signage solutions.

As a result of this collaborative partnership, CarSwap has launched its digital signage virtual showroom solutions dubbed ‘ShowScreen’ as the first and only provider of One World LED’s “E2V Technology” for the automotive industry.

“CarSwap ShowScreens​ pay for themselves many times over by increasing vehicle sales and generating advertising revenue by allowing advertisers such as finance or insurance companies to book their ads on the screen.” says Darius Rafizadeh, Chief Information Officer.

OWLED’s E2V Technology is the first and only true turn-key digital signage and virtual showroom solution which allows car dealerships to autonomously promote their current vehicle inventory through LED billboards or LCD displays in real-time.

“Using our E2V technology means absolutely zero content design or scheduling effort — just buy it, turn it on, and it shows your current cars with prices.” said Tanami Muller, Development Manager of One World LED.

Also known as the “Tinder for Cars” thanks to its matchmaking interface, CarSwap is most known for its app for trading, selling, and buying cars free for private users. By automatically rejecting lowball offers and ensuring parties only receive valid offers, CarSwap is also proving to become the best value advertising platform for car dealers who are charged by other platforms even for poor quality enquiries and clicks.

“We can offer the most innovative advertising LED billboards, LED Trailers and LCD display solutions with a best price guarantee, thanks to the backing of the leading visualisation innovator, One World LED” explains CarSwap Head of Dealer Relations, Kane Ellis.

While the traditional e-commerce solution require the buyer to search the web to find their car, this innovation brings a menu of available cars to the market for the buyers to choose their desired cars from. This solution allows dealerships to set up a virtual showroom or a portable showroom effectively anywhere including malls and other high traffic public areas with little cost and no efforts.

CarSwap is available for download via both Apple and Google Play app stores.

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