How CarSwap is taking on a Monopoly with its Next Gen Auto Classifieds App

Written on the 15 January 2019 ( – There are slim pickings for options when it comes to selling your car online in Australia, while the act of offloading your pre-loved automobile can be quite expensive as well.

An Adelaide startup is hoping to flip the Australian industry on its head with its next gen app CarSwap.

So confident in their business model are founders Kane Ellis (pictured left) and Cyrus Rafizadeh (pictured right) that they believe CarSwap will be the number one auto classifieds platform in the world in just a few years’ time.

It appears as if the two are well on their way to achieving that goal. They’ve more or less mastered the art of going viral on Facebook (one of their posts has reached 30.2 million people), with the founders saying social media is one of the key tenants to their success.

CarSwap is available for download via both Apple and Google Play app stores.

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