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CarSwap and EasyCars Enter Collaborative Partnership

CarSwap, the largest mobile platform for vehicle trading, has announced that it has entered into a collaborative partnership agreement with EasyCars, a leading dealership inventory management software for hundreds of car dealerships across Australia.

Also known as the “Tinder for Cars” thanks to its intelligent matchmaking interface, CarSwap’s automotive classifieds platform is free for private users and also very inexpensive for car dealers, especially compared to other platforms.

“While our competitors charge dealers as high as $48 per mere ‘enquiry’,

CarSwap Opens API for Collaborative Partnerships

CarSwap, the largest vehicle trading platform, has announced it is opening its API to select partners for collaborative purposes. Launched last October, CarSwap’s user vehicle listings are already in the tens of thousands and projected to exceed all U.S. classifieds platforms during 2018.

“Our platform has proven to be the easiest way for users to change from their current vehicle to their next, simply by swiping on cars they like and matching vehicle owners peer-to-peer or peer-to-dealer,”