Charity Swaps From Egg To Lotus

1egg1world, a charity that started with a single egg, and has transgressed to the acclaimed Lotus.

Josh and CJ from 1egg1world egg-static with their new purchase

The charity has achieved this in just 15 transactions; and bought the car with money raised from selling 60,000 rolls of ‘Who gives a crap’ toilet paper.

After hearing about CarSwap, the boys at 1egg1world jumped on the app, found the Lotus, and put through a cash offer.

“I received a lot of great swap offers, many of which were worth the same or more. However, I’m a really picky car guy and none of the offers screamed ‘The One’ until I got the offer from 1egg1world” Cyrus says.

“[1egg1world] is a good cause and I thought I’d back them up. Most people think that CarSwap is purely for swapping, but this proves you can sell a car through the app too.”

This isn’t the first time the Lotus has made headlines – earlier this year; Cyrus was reprimanded by police for driving the roadster while wearing a Stormtrooper helmet, which was then confiscated. Several months and court visits later, he had beat the case and the fine was withdrawn. Oh, and he eventually got his Stormtrooper mask back!

It’s moments like these that have seen Cyrus develop a strong connection with the little Lotus.

“It is one of my favourite cars and I will miss it – I have a strong affinity for Lotus’s, they’re great cars and unbeatable value, but this is for a good cause and in that light I was happy to let it go,” he says.

Cyrus, his Elise and the infamous Stormtrooper helmet

The Lotus is still on CarSwap, albeit now with different owners, who are looking to trade up the car in order to achieve their goal of raising $1 million.

So far, they have been offered a 2008 Porsche Cayenne plus $20,000 cash which they are considering, they are also in talks with Carlton United Brewery, so the Lotus may find a new home for a few kegs of Melbourne’s finest.

However, the boys at 1egg1world are keeping their options open, stating on their website that they’re open to ideas.

“Whether it be for another car, a boat, a motorhome, a business or high quantities of a certain product, you name it we’ll consider it.”

For more information on 1egg1world, check out their website at the link:


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