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CarSwap First to Provide ‘Value Indicator’ to Australian Car Classifieds

CarSwap, the largest mobile platform for vehicle trading, selling, and buying, has launched a feature which provides Australian users with it’s ‘Value Indicator’, giving CarSwap users an indication whether a vehicle listing is above or below market value.

This functionality helps ensure CarSwap users get a good deal and helps improve market efficiency. Since it’s August 29th launch, the feature has received fantastic reception by the market.

“It’s a rewarding feeling to bring innovation leadership to this market and continue to provide the best car matching platform to users.” said Kane Ellis,

CarSwap starts automatic bargain with sellers to avoid bad bids

Written on the 25 June 2018 ( – One of the biggest mobile programs, CarSwap, used for buying, selling, and even tradings cars has recently started a new effort where CarSwap will deal with all lower bids, for the sellers, automatically.

The CarSwap application will parse how near a bid is to the preferred price, and then spur for improved prices and offers. The idea behind this move is to remove the burden on sellers and buyers from the added time it takes to negotiate and respond to lower bids and boost the amount of realistic offers sellers receive.

CarSwap Launches Autonomous Negotiation For Sellers and Traders

 CarSwap, the largest mobile platform for vehicle trading, selling, and buying, has launched a feature whereby the platform automatically negotiates with lowball offers on behalf of sellers.

The CarSwap app dynamically detects how close an offer is to the asking price and kindly encourages better offers accordingly. The purpose of the autonomous negotiation is to save sellers/traders the time and hassle from having to entertain lowball offers while also maximising the possibility of each expression of interest.