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CarSwap App Acquires CarSwapper Website

CarSwap, the largest and fastest growing mobile platform for vehicle trading, has completed the acquisition of the website for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition comes just weeks before the launch of CarSwap’s web classifieds platform to compliment CarSwap’s mobile app for Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

“We’re pleased to now be a part of the CarSwap team, an organisation who shares the same vision for innovating and easing the process for vehicle owners to change cars” said Stan,

CarSwap Launches Virtual Car Showroom ShowScreens

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CarSwap, the largest mobile platform for vehicle trading, has partnered with One World LED, a leading innovator of digital visualisation and virtualisation technology, as its exclusive source for digital signage solutions.

As a result of this collaborative partnership, CarSwap has launched its digital signage virtual showroom solutions dubbed ‘ShowScreen’ as the first and only provider of One World LED’s “E2V Technology” for the automotive industry.

CarSwap’s 1st Birthday!!

Just 1 year ago we launched our CarSwap app with the mission to help people get their next car faster, easier, and cheaper than any other platform. Since then, we’ve achieved that goal by creating the most innovative and disruptive platform. We’re also the fastest growing, by a long shot.   In its first few months CarSwap (the “free Tinder for cars”) rapidly surpassed the number of *private listings* on (6,000), eBay Motors (9,000) and will be crawling up on (32,000) in the next few months,

CarSwap and EasyCars Enter Collaborative Partnership

CarSwap, the largest mobile platform for vehicle trading, has announced that it has entered into a collaborative partnership agreement with EasyCars, a leading dealership inventory management software for hundreds of car dealerships across Australia.

Also known as the “Tinder for Cars” thanks to its intelligent matchmaking interface, CarSwap’s automotive classifieds platform is free for private users and also very inexpensive for car dealers, especially compared to other platforms.

“While our competitors charge dealers as high as $48 per mere ‘enquiry’,